We are located inside Harmon Medical Center at:
Remember when Customer Service really meant something...
Remember when people with health concerns or questions received that caring touch...
Remember when people knew your name...and you knew theirs...Those were the times!
That endearing past is now the present, once you walk through our doors...
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See for yourself what a pleasure good old fashioned service can be. Visit us at 150 E. Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada, located inside Harmon Medical Center.
Ryan's Pharmacy, located inside Harmon Medical Center at 150 E. Harmon Ave., understands the importance of health for you and your family.
Conveniently located at the center of Las Vegas Strip, Ryan's Pharmacy offers the utmost in quality pharmaceutical care as well as premier customer service. We thrive on trust and accountability, and you will become a recognized name and face here at Ryan's Pharmacy.

Because we at Ryan's Pharmacy strive to make your experience the best, we offer innovative, cost-effective programs and products. Whether it's a $4 generic prescription arrangement or if you have limited insurance availabilities, our pharmacists are here to work with you and help you experience healthy living.
"Ryan's Pharmacy offers more than just medicine. We are a small, independent pharmacy, so we offer short wait times with a personal touch and one-on-one service. We also offer the pricing of big chain pharmacies, including $4 generic prescriptions." - Ryan Obregon, pharmacist and owner

  • Easy prescription transfers
  • No long wait times
  • Participating in the Good Neighbor Pharmacy Network
  • All insurance welcome
  • Competitive prices
  • Delivery services available, and so much more!
  • Formulary management of cost-effective, patient-specific drug therapies
  • Automated medication deliveries
  • Customized drug packaging
  • On-site pharmacy consulting services
  • Automated prescription monitoring, and so much more!

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